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Forum of Scientists, Engineers and Technologists (FOSET), started its journey in the year 1987, and is presently having nearly two thousand conscious and socially committed scientists, engineers and related professionals in its fold, directly as members and with its central office in Kolkata. The sub-centres are located at Barrackpore, Haldia, and Hooghly.

FOSET is closely linked with fraternal organisations of Professionals and Service Associations, All India Peoples’ Science Network (AIPSN), Department of Science and Technology, both in Central and State, Ministry of Non-conventional Energy Resources – Govt. of India, Dept. of Rural & Urban Development,

HUDCO, TATA Dorabji Trust, WBREDA etc. FOSET has an active interest in rejuvenating the industrial and economic scenario of West Bengal and assisted Departments of Power, Technical Education, Science & Technology, Cottage &Small-Scale Industries, Transport, Municipal Affairs, Housing, Urban Development, Panchayat Administration, Food Processing and WBREDA etc. in various Government Committees. It has been awarded with “Best Performance in promoting Cost Effective Construction Technology in India in 2000” by Ministry of Urban Development, Govt. of India and HUDCO, “Rajiv Gandhi Akshay Urja Award” in 2006 by Ministry of Nonconventional Energy Sources, Govt. of India and “Meghnad Puroshkar” in 2006 by Dept. of Science &

Technology, Govt. of West Bengal in recognition of FOSET’s contribution towards popularisation of science and technology for social development.

FOSET gives top priority in down-to-earth application of S&T in the form of executing projects on “Technology transfer” at pilot scale. The nature of these projects comprises development of alternative low cost technology, upgradation of traditional skills, linking up R&D Institutions with the common people, rural development and management information support.


  • To highlight Social, Political & Economic implications of Science and Technology (S&T).
  • To focus the role of Science & Technology (S&T) professionals to satisfy the needs of the society.
  • To build awareness of S&T among the common people.
  • To transfer the proven technology for the sustainable development in the rural areas.
  • Democratisation of the work of S&T Institutions / organisations to enhance creativity.
  • To maintain continuous vigilance on the S&T policies of the nation to analyse them meticulously for leading recommendations to appropriate authorities.
  • To mobilise Public opinion for effective implementation of S&T policies.
  • To campaign for promoting technology for rural applications and Human Resource Development through training programme.
  • To initiate discussions on subject Education Policies, Nuclear Policy, Conservation of Energy, Urbanisation Policy etc.
  • To bring together all those workings in Science, Engineering, Medical and Technological profession to have an exchange of ideas, arising out of their concrete & specific experience for the benefit of the large segment of the society.
  • Publication and Campaign of most essential S&T information among the large segment of the people of our society.

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About the Journal

THOUGHT – the journal started its journey in 1984 by a group of individuals who were looking into the science and technological development with emphasis on the interrelatedness of the functioning of the social and technological subsystems. The socio-technical consideration is about mutual benefits derived from the intersection of social and technical elements. This intersection emphasises reciprocity between humans and machines, in which a process of dual shaping of the social and technical systems occurs.

After Forum of Scientists, Engineers and Technologists (FOSET) was registered in 1987, the THOUGHT (later name changed to THOUGHT – a Socio-Technical Round-up) became the journal of FOSET.

Since then, THOUGHT – a Socio-Technical Round-up is being published on a regular basis with contributory articles from eminent engineers, scientists and social-scientists. Some selected papers presented in the All India Peoples’ Technology Congresses and All India Inter-Engineering College Academic Meets are also published in this journal.

The journal was so far published in printed form. In 2023, the Executive Committee of FOSET has decided to convert the journal as an Open-Access e-journal to enhance its reach among the stakeholders and index the journal with different indexing bodies.

The broad scope of the journal is to publish peer-reviewed articles on socio-technical research, industrial case-studies, field level implementation work in all branches of engineering and technology.


The disciplines covered by the journal are as follows:

  • Agricultural Engineering, Bio-Technology, Food Technology
  • Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Environmental Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Engineering
  • Computer Science & Engineering, Information Technology
  • Electrical Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering/Management, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering,
  • Production Engineering
  • Metallurgical & Materials Engineering,
  • Jute, Textile & Fibre Technology
  • Industrial Safety
  • Engineering Education, Engineer and Society, Engineering and Environmental Ethics

The articles will be divided into the following categories:

  • Article of Professional Interest
  • Original Contribution
  • Review Articles
  • Short Communications

Editorial Board, Editorial Advisory Board, and other details


K.K. Satpathi


General Secretary

Prabhat Kumar Bera


Editor –In- Chief


N.R. Bandyopadhyay, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur, Howrah, India


Associate Editors


Ashik Paul, University of Calcutta, Kolkata, India


Manas Sanyal, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur, Howrah, India


Souvanic Roy, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur, Howrah, India



Editorial Board:


Jaya Sil, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur, Howrah, India


Sampa Chakraborty, University of Calcutta, Kolkata, India


Abhijit Chanda, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India


  1. Raghunandan, All India Peoples’ Science Network, New Delhi, India


Sabyasachi Chatterjee, Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangaluru


Dinesh Abrol, National institute of Science, Technology & Development studies, New Delhi, India


Andy Large, New Castle University, United Kingdom


Md A Gafur, Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Bangladesh


Manoj Roy, Lancaster University, United Kingdom


Nilanjan Sengupta, Forum of Scientists, Engineers and Technologists, Kolkata India



Editorial Advisory Board


Subimal Sen, Forum of Scientists, Engineers and Technologists, Kolkata India


Nikhil Ranjan Banerjea, Forum of Scientists, Engineers and Technologists, Kolkata India


Archana Prasad, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India


Jayasri Roy, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand


  1. Jayaraman, Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, India


Gautam Ray, CESC LTD, Kolkata, India


Palash Baran Paul, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata, India


Gopinath Chatterjee, Forum of Scientists, Engineers and Technologists, Kolkata India


Amitava Sil, Forum of Scientists, Engineers and Technologists, Kolkata India


Goutam Roy Biswas, Forum of Scientists, Engineers and Technologists, Kolkata India



Editorial Office:

Forum of Scientists, Engineers and Technologists,

15N Nelli Sengupta Sarani (Lindsay St.)

New CMC Building (5th Floor)

Kolkata-700087 ,


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