Forum of Scientists, Engineers & Technologies (FOSET) – Haldia Sub-Centre was established in 1992 to propagate the aims and objectives of FOSET- state centre to improve the living standard of poor and backward sections of the society through the application of Science & Technology and to make continuous effort for their self-reliance in Haldia Industrial belt.
FOSET – Haldia Sub-Centre since inception tried to undertake various awareness programme/Projects as per local need. Foset – Haldia Sub-Centre is a very popular name in Haldia Industrial belt and they have a very high expectation level.

Major Work undertaken by FOSET –Haldia Sub-Centre.

FOSET –Haldia Sub-Centre has arranged massive awareness programmes on

  • Low cost housing.
  • Utilization of Solar Energy.
  • Increase of improvement of leather technology.
  • Distribution of 100 smokeless ovens in slum area.
  • Awareness programme on oil conservation.
  • Awareness programme on prevention of illegal use of plastic and polythene.

Recent Innovation Activities Of FOSET - Haldia Sub-Centre :

1) Installation of lightning arrester.
2) We have made & distributed of “HEAT RESISTANT SHEET” for holding hot equipment in kitchen. We have reused waste single use plastic and 2 kg (approx) of single use plastic we have reused also reduced decomposition time.
 3) We have participated in West Bengal Forest Development Corporation Ltd for innovative solution of “protection of coastal area and earthen embankment through vegetative solution”.
4) We have made and distributed activated carbon and silica gel based nose mask on COVID-19 situation. Total 80  no of nose musk distributed uner the banner of FOSET Haldia Sub-Centre.
5) Installation of low cost rain water recharging and water harvesting system.
6) Installation of home waste water conservation system.
7) We have made diya from wastage medicine aluminum foils.
8) We have made pens, pencils from waste plastic, medicine aluminum foils and paddy straw.
9) We have made drawing from wastage single use plastic and other waste products.

Relief Programme after Umphun Cyclone in pandemic situation :

  • Workshop on sanitizer preparation
  • Distribution of Mask, soap, sanitizer, tarpaulin.
  • Food packets distribution.
  • Covid -19 awareness programme.
  • Distribution of plants to newly born baby under the theme of  “GACH LAGAN PRAN BACHAN”
Activated carbon and silica gel based nose mask
Pens from wastage plastic and paddy straw.
Drawing from waste of single use plastic and other waste products


FOSET – Haldia Sub-Centre
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